Is It Ever Really Good Enough?

• What are you striving for in life?

• Do you feel at times, no mater what you do, it doesn't seem like you're doing enough?

• What is this dangling golden carrot so many of us are reaching for but never actually attain?

These are few of the question I'll be exploring with Angie Caraviello and Amanda Greeley- two wonderful clients that are  try'n to figure it out...just like the rest of us peeps.   The conversation is moving, funny and incredibly soulful.

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My Story And Why I Care Deeply About Women's Hormonal Health

This first episode is an intimate dive into my journey through the struggles of anorexia and bulimia and later passing through the struggles of depression and anxiety including years of undiagnosed hypothyroid. As women, how do we discern between the emotional and physical hunger of who we are?

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